Parental Consent Form for participation in Club Runs/Social Rides

  • Parental/Guardian Consent for Participating in Prescribed Training 

    I, being the parent/guardian of____________________ , have read the information on this form and the following notes, and consent to my child taking part in organised club runs/social rides organised by the club and a designated ride leader. My child is 16 years old or older and has completed a Rider Profile overleaf, under my supervision, including all details that may affect participation.

    I understand that this may require my child to complete training without the supervision of a coach and, during these sessions, it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of my child. I have considered the nature of such training and have discussed them with my son/daughter. I am satisfied that my son/daughter is sufficiently responsible and competent to assume full and entire responsibility for completing prescribed training.


    • You are giving consent for your child to take part in the ‘club runs/social rides’. Such rides may contain a variety of activities in a variety of environments on the public highway. The Ride Leader for the designated ride has responsibility and ‘duty of care’ for all riders.
    • It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure the child’s bike is in a safe condition to ride. All riders must wear a cycling helmet at all times during the rides. It is recommended that cycling helmets are worn at all times when cycling.

    Please ensure you make a note of any medical conditions your child has or you feel the ride leader should know about in the Rider Profile overleaf. If you have any concerns about your child participating in any form of physical activity, please consult your GP before giving permission for your child to take part in the prescribed training




Am I good enough to join?
Joining a cycling club isn’t a competition. If you want to test yourself, join us and start with a few beginners rides. Otherwise, don’t worry about what level you are at, enthusiasm is the most important thing. Many members don’t race, they want to do the Sunday club runs, meet other like-minded people and just talk cycling. Read the other FAQs below to get a better idea.

What sort of distance and pace can I expect on your Sunday club rides?
The distance varies according to the weather and what people feel like doing but 50-55 miles is normal whilst the pace is usually a steady 16-18mph. It’s a sporting ride but we’re not out for an unofficial race every Sunday: the pace is steady.

What makes you different from other clubs?
That’s probably more for you to find out, try talking to other clubs. But we like to think we’re a club that offers plenty to a broad range of people interested in cycling. We’re a friendly lot with a good Sunday ride. You’ll find we meet socially too, we’re not an internet-based club. There’s plenty of knowledge across all areas of cycling, from repairing your bike, buying kit to cycling abroad. Join us and enjoy a good ride on a Sunday ride with a cakestop, also there will be mid week rides on  a Thursday evening once the evenings draw out enough.